Or the art of knowing how to bend over backwards for our customers!


Taking an interest in the carbon footprint is good! But, even if the two are intimately linked, at "Your furry friends" our sensitivity will always privilege the animal balance!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Because the eyes of an animal never betray, we dedicate all our talent to accurately returning the expression, posture, and radiance of a look that they give us on a daily basis.

We wish through these personalized paintings to pay tribute to all these fellow travelers who have given you so much affection, time, sharing and most importantly their unconditional love.

Whether there is still time or it is unfortunately already too late, we will create for you, or to offer, a quality personalized work in the image of your faithful companion for posterity.

Years go by, but a painting remains! Your animal is irreplaceable, which is why we will put all our talent to create a unique painting for you!

It is because it is exceptional, that it deserves to be eternal!